Before we turn the page on 2023, I want to take time to reflect and celebrate what we’ve accomplished.  If you’ve followed DHIC’s work through these newsletters, you may recall that this year we introduced you to other voices from our leadership team. They shared how the work of each of their respective teams align with the goals of DHIC’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan which we began implementing this year.

You can revisit their messages in the articles below:
Message From Tinu: If Space Is Symbolic, What Are Our Communities Saying?
Message From Yolanda: Centering Community, Creating Opportunity
Message From Sheila: Celebrating Homeownership Month Even in the Midst of Challenges
Message From Natalie: An Update on Our Portfolio Rehab Project
Message From Sharon: Intentional Growth to Better Support Our Residents

We mourned the loss of a member of the DHIC family and welcomed new ones.  We celebrated helping families achieve their dream of homeownership despite the turbulent housing market.  We marveled at the leadership of residents as they advocated for the needs within their rental community.  We strengthened existing partnerships and planted seeds for new relationships in both the faith community and health sector.

Regardless of what holiday tradition you observe during this season, we wish you peace and joy. 2024 is a big year for our organization: not only are we entering the 2nd year of our 3-year strategic plan, but we’ll be celebrating our 50th Anniversary!  In 2024, we will take time to look back at the legacy of our work over the past 50 years, and to expand and deepen the impact of our mission for the next 50. We look forward to working together in the coming year to create equitable diverse communities that offer opportunity, dignity and connection.