About DHIC

Since 1974, DHIC has demonstrated the importance of connecting people with safe, affordable, and desirable homes in the Triangle region of North Carolina. DHIC provides homebuyer support and develops rental communities for families and individuals with limited incomes. We understand that a home is a catalyst for opportunity, independence, and resilience.

DHIC’s Mission, Vision, Values

DHIC’s vision, mission and values have proven responsive and effective over the years, and with this strategic plan, the Board and staff reaffirms our commitment to them. We will continue to revisit these statements periodically to ensure we are responsive to our constituents and the marketplace.

 Our Vision

We envision a housing ecosystem that provides and promotes equity, generational wealth, health and wellness for the communities in which we work.

Our Mission Statement

DHIC supports individuals, families, and seniors by providing homes and opportunities that promote the financial, physical, and mental well-being of people and communities.

Our Core Values

We exemplify the following values as we carry out our mission:

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Honesty + Integrity
  • Innovation + Creativity + Futuristic + Evolving
  • Passion for the work and service
  • Collective communication
  • Equity