Owning a home has long been recognized as one of the steps toward achieving the American Dream. In 1995, National Homeownership Week began as an initiative to help increase homeownership across the county. The observance period was then expanded to the entire month of June in 2002. 

Since then, National Homeownership Month has been an opportunity to promote the benefits of homeownership and recommit to creating opportunities for future homeowners. At a time when achieving the dream of homeownership is full of challenges like high interest rates and soaring house prices, DHIC is proud to continue being a “Home to Opportunity” for local residents. 

Even in the midst of these challenges, the experienced counselors and admins in our Homeownership Center are here, coaching people across the finish line to realize their dreams of homeownership. Our amazing HOC team helps future homebuyers with everything from budgeting to credit, and financing, but also plays the role of encourager, helping people to understand that while there are challenges right now, homeownership is still possible. 

As we near the halfway point of the year, we’re proud to announce that we have 695 active pre-purchase and financial literacy clients and have had 200 people graduate from our “Bringing Home the Dream” Workshops in 2023. 

We’ve also had the opportunity to be part of history this year, as one of our Bringing Home the Dream graduates, Mr. Watson, was the first homebuyer for Raleigh Area Land Trust (RALT). You’ll learn more about his story in this month’s newsletter. 

As we recognize and celebrate National Homeownership Month this year, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who makes our work possible. Our President, Yolanda Winstead, provides impeccable leadership and support to the Homeownership Center and we’re grateful for her guidance. 

Additionally, every member of the HOC team goes above and beyond for our clients and they embody the true spirit of what it means to be a champion for homeownership. Thank you to our Counseling Coordinator/Sr. Homeownership Advisor, Tammy Simmons, our Lending Manager/Sr. Homeownership Advisor, Lou Sivulka, our Sr. Homeownership Center Administrative Coordinator, Tiffany Wilkins, our Bilingual Homeownership Advisor, Issac Reyes, and our Loan Processor/Administrative Assistant, Jackie Salvati for all that you do. 

Finally, I want to acknowledge all of our partnerships with local lenders, Realtors, home inspectors, and insurance agents as well as Wake County, the North Carolina Finance Agency, and the City of Raleigh. Helping people on the path to homeownership is a collaborative effort and we couldn’t do it without their support. 

Throughout National Homeownership Month and beyond, we’ll stay committed to being a “Home to Opportunity.”