Environmental sustainability has always been a priority for the organization, because building with an eco-friendly mindset makes long-term economic sense. Housing affordability and green building unite in all aspects of DHIC’s development, construction, homeownership and maintenance life-cycle.

 Going Green From The Beginning

From its inception, DHIC has been an area leader in the development of top quality, environmentally sustainable housing that remains affordable for families, seniors and individuals. Highland Terrace in Cary is Wake County’s first LEED-certified multi-family housing community and serves as a benchmark for the region. Meadowcreek Commons is also a LEED-certified apartment community providing environmentally sustainable housing for seniors.

DHIC rehabilitated the historic Murphey School in Raleigh to incorporate many sustainable features before ‘going green’ became in vogue, including solar thermal water heating. Water Garden Village and Water Garden Park, both in Raleigh, are two of our most recent communities that marry sustainability with affordability in the Triangle.

We believe that long-term housing affordability is assisted by developing green building practices. Energy efficiencies around heating, air, and water enable low-wealth residents to benefit from reduced utility bills. That added income makes a significant difference for many households in our community, with freed-up income for food, medical care and family expenses.