Service to our residents is a very important component of DHIC’s housing development and management. We ensure that residents in our communities who have low to moderate income have access to resources, education and opportunities to enhance their quality of life and potential for long-term success.

We maintain excellent relationships in the community by partnering with property management and community and nonprofit service providers to help us surpass our goals. Our staff participate at civic and policy tables to influence decisions about housing affordability in our community.


DHIC communities feature resident programs that focus on: education, environmental stewardship, healthy living, fiscal fitness, and community leadership.

Youth Programs

Our young resident programs are designed to promote parental involvement in the development of student success and academic achievement, providing enriching learning opportunities for students year-round. We aspire to help residents break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and to increase the chances of earning a living wage. Programs often include tutorial services, after-school and summer camp activities, and student incentives to stay in school.

Community Engagement

These programs are designed to empower residents to take pride and ownership in maintaining a safe living environment for themselves and their neighbors. We encourage them to become engaged in community educational and recreational activities, safety watch groups, and resident-led events. Programs often include neighborhood clean-ups, resident socials and participation in community crime-prevention activities.

Physical Health & Financial Wellness

Our programs are designed to provide resources that improve both physical health as well as financial health. Programs include onsite health screenings, health fairs, cooking classes, and even workshops on environmental stewardship and savings. Our financial empowerment and budgeting workshops help residents build financial capacity and reduce monthly cost burdens to help keep them in safe, affordable housing. Additionally, homebuyer education and one-on-one advisory services may be offered to encourage financial planning and step-up opportunities for permanent housing.

Senior Wellness

Our senior programs are designed to help older adults sustain independent living and connections to critical life services. Programs often include onsite service coordination to meet transportation, nutritional and family support needs, and to maximize full use of medical and prescription drug programs for seniors. In addition, programs may include social, recreational and educational activities and opportunities for civic and community engagement.