Lillian MartinPlease join us in giving a warm welcome to Administrative Assistant, Lillian Martin, who recently joined the DHIC team.

In this role, Lillian is an integral part in helping to find families that are eligible for the City of Raleigh Mortgage Assistance Program. DHIC was entrusted with distributing around $250,000 in funding from the CARES Act, which will provide mortgage and utility assistance to families in need within Raleigh city limits.

Lillian says, “One of the most fulfilling parts of this job is working with families to make sure they can navigate these tough times without having to worry about losing their homes. We’re hopeful that if this first phase of the project goes well, we’ll receive additional funding to continue providing assistance to those in need around the city.”

It’s a cause that’s personal to Lillian, because it was her reality when she was growing up.

“When I was nine, my mom became a single mother and it was just the two of us. We dealt with housing insecurity and relocated to different states throughout my childhood in order to find affordable housing. During my senior year of college, I had the opportunity to apply for an internship at a housing nonprofit and it seemed like a natural fit. It’s been wonderful to give back to families in the same ways that people helped me and my mom. I love being part of the solution to more affordable housing,” Lillian explains.

Prior to joining DHIC, Lillian worked at Eden Housing, a California nonprofit focused on helping renters find affordable housing. Now, she’s excited to use what she learned there and build on it, with more of a focus on helping people on the path to homeownership.

When she’s not working on the City of Raleigh Mortgage Assistance Program, she helps out with various other departments, providing essential support wherever it’s needed. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to learn the ins and outs of all of the departments here at DHIC. It’s given me a unique insight into the different aspects of affordable housing and I’m so proud to be part of the great things that are to come for this organization,” she explains.

Outside of work, Lillian, a History major, enjoys reading, especially historical fiction and nonfiction. She also enjoys relaxing by playing video games and going for walks. She says, “My goals for this year are to finally read through the pile of books on my bookshelf and take advantage of the beautiful Raleigh weather by going for as many walks as I can.”