DHIC has long established itself as the market leader for housing development that remains affordable for seniors and families in the Research Triangle region. With an emphasis on exceptional design, DHIC’s innovative development process results in high-quality, attractive multi-family housing communities that serve as a benchmark not only for affordability but for environmental sustainability.


Seniors & Families Come Home To Water Garden

A shining example of this type of innovation is the two-phase Water Garden development, which opened last summer. It serves as a benchmark for the redevelopment of under-utilized property into an inter-generational community. Water Garden now features 148 apartments for seniors and families that have been designed with sustainability and healthy living principles.

This beautiful, affordable apartment community includes Water Garden Village, a 60-unit community for individuals and families, as well as Water Garden Park, featuring 88 apartments for seniors ages 62 and up. Both developments are LEED Gold and Energy Star certified. Learn more about this project.

Standards Keep Communities Affordable

Our process includes development standards established over the years that have been designed to maintain project efficiency. What we’ve been able to create at DHIC is a mechanism for sound site acquisition and pre-construction planning, as well as strong relationships with financing institutions. Our executive team has a keen understanding of complicated tax credit financing programs that make DHIC a leader not only in North Carolina, but across the country.

This knowledge combines with cost modeling that enables pre-construction design budgets to intersect with realistic construction timelines. Once communities rise from the ground, DHIC’s efficient project management keeps costs under control so that all partners stay on task.

Our commitment to ongoing maintenance plays an important role in how we care for our properties as they age. We deliver on our maintenance promises in cooperation with our property management teams.

Diversity of Housing Across the State

From our beginnings in the 1970s, DHIC has maintained a strong presence in the development of affordable housing throughout Raleigh’s downtown and southeast corridors. Over the past 40 years, that geographic reach has expanded to include all areas of Wake County, in numerous communities throughout the Research Triangle region, as well as select communities throughout Eastern North Carolina.

DHIC’s high standards in the development of, and advocacy for, affordable housing communities has attracted the attention of leaders nation-wide. Members of our executive team often serve in speaking roles on topics pertaining to housing affordability and periodically consult on affordable housing projects outside of North Carolina.