Will Cooley, Asset Manager

Will Cooley, Asset Manager

Please join us in welcoming our new Asset Manager, Will Cooley, to the DHIC team.

In this role, Will is responsible for the long term-term viability of properties owned and operated by DHIC and its affiliates.  He also will be working closely with management companies and other DHIC partners to ensure the properties not only perform from a physical and financial standpoint but also that they remain high-quality, safe and affordable for residents to call home.

A typical day for Will can include going along on property inspections, reviewing financial reports, working with property management companies, and working with our Director of Asset Management, Rodney Brown.

Will comes to DHIC with a background in the corporate side of asset management, having worked in banking for most of his career. Will says, “It’s been fun using my previous experience in the banking world in a totally new way. Before, I was managing properties and ensuring that they were properly marketed and sold for fair prices. Now, I’m still managing properties, but my end goal is to make sure our residents have a nice place to live and call home.”

After 19 years in banking, Will can pinpoint the exact moment he decided it was time to transition to the nonprofit world. He remembers, “I was at a charity event for the Miracle League of the Triangle with my wife. I started thinking about my life and had a moment of clarity. It was time for me to do something that had a bigger purpose. I wanted my work to help reach an important mission. I told my wife what I was thinking and she told me to go for it.”

Will’s asset management and real estate experience paired with a desire to work for a nonprofit made DHIC a perfect fit. He says, “Coming to work at DHIC has been an incredible experience. Everyone is happy to be here. Everything we do is about our mission. My only regret is not transitioning to nonprofit work sooner. It’s rewarding to be able to say I feel good about the work I do here.”

Originally from the small town of Jackson, North Carolina, Will moved to Raleigh in 2005 and loves that there’s always something to do in the area. When he’s not working, Will enjoys playing golf, cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, and spending time with his 12-year old dog, a Weimaraner named Jager.

But, his favorite way to unwind is by traveling with his wife, Tara. They enjoy doing a little bit of everything on their trips, from hiking and camping in places like Moab, Utah, to relaxing on the beaches of Antigua. He says, “There’s just something about spending sunny days on the beach. There’s nothing quite like it.”