Please join us in welcoming our new Resident Services Coordinator, Rachel Tutwiler, to the DHIC team! 

In this role, Rachel will work with the residents across our 40+ properties, building relationships with them and specifically focusing on youth services. “My goal is to help give our younger residents the resources they need to grow up healthy and feel successful. When you have a stable place to live, it gives you the foundation you need to grow up feeling safe and secure, and I’m excited to play a part in helping our residents achieve that stability,” she explains.

Rachel graduated with a Master’s in Social Work and has a background working with youth who come from lower-income households with a lack of resources. She says, “I’ve always been drawn to serving people who are not having their needs met in different ways. Systemic issues perpetuate poverty and it means a lot to me to be able to do work that helps to dismantle some of those issues.”

While her role at DHIC fits in perfectly with her background, it also gives her a new opportunity to work with children in the comfort of their own homes. “I’m looking forward to building strong connections with our residents, helping to identify and get them the resources they need at home, and helping them feel like they have a support system to lean on,” she explains. 

Originally from Raleigh, Rachel spent time working in Asheville and St. Louis before moving back to the Triangle with her partner, Tim. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs, Zara and Bolt, and being out in the great outdoors. As an avid crafter, she also likes teaching basket weaving courses in her spare time.