Please join us in welcoming Vice President of Resource Development and Partnerships, Tinu Diver, to the DHIC team!

Tinu’s role in the organization includes serving as the community and public relations liaison in support of the organization’s communications, civic engagement, and outreach strategies and identifying, cultivating, and growing resources and community partnerships in support of resident services, Homeownership Center (HOC) activities and other programs. She says, “Right now, I’m doing a lot of listening and learning, getting feedback from my colleagues, residents, and community members. With so much conversation about the need for more affordable, low-income and workforce housing, one of my goals is to communicate the story behind DHIC and how our organization is developing beautiful and safe homes, to make the Triangle and North Carolina a community that truly is a place for all.”

Tinu became familiar with DHIC through her prior role with Durham Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods (Durham CAN) and their affordable housing campaigns focused on the construction of affordable housing on city and county-owned land in close proximity to public transportation. One of those sites included the Willard Street Apartments for which DHIC and Self-Help Ventures Fund served as co-developers. “Throughout all of the work I’ve done in my career, every position I’ve held has ultimately come back to social impact and serving the public interest. I’m excited to continue that same theme in my role here at DHIC,” she says.

The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Tinu was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. After undergrad and law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she began her career as a Presidential Management Fellow with the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Durham and Winston-Salem, and then as a Senior Attorney with the US Department of Transportation’s Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts before moving back to the Triangle. She says, “I’m very much a ‘city mouse,’ but the gift of North Carolina is its complexity. There are different vibes and cultures all throughout the state and I just love the people here.”

Tinu’s passion for people and their stories extends beyond her day-to-day work as well. As a documentarian, she focuses on stories from the communities that she’s a part of. “When someone takes the time to share their story with you, it’s a gift. When someone feels safe and open enough to share that part of them, it’s a powerful force in the world,” explains Tinu. Her current film is a feature-length documentary focusing on Black women beer brewers in the South, which she hopes to finish up by the end of the year.

Tinu, her husband Joshua, and their teacup chihuahua, Rami, live in Raleigh.