The Power of Partnership

October 19, 2018

Sometimes, having access to affordable housing is about more than just finding a place to live. For Katrina Lyons, it was a launch pad for opportunity and independence in her life.

Katrina got connected to DHIC through StepUp Ministry, a local nonprofit whose mission it is to transform the lives of adults and children through employment and skills training.  DHIC and StepUP have a partnership agreement that offers a rent concession to adults who complete StepUp’s Life Skills programs. With the foundation of safe and affordable housing in place, individuals are able to rebuild and improve their lives.  Through this partnership, Katrina moved into her very first apartment at Ripley’s Station, a DHIC family community in Raleigh. While living there, she worked hard to establish a career as a full-time insurance advisor.

When she was ready for the next milestone in her life, becoming a first-time homebuyer, she turned to DHIC once again, working with Mr. Sivulka at the DHIC Homeownership Center to help her reach this exciting new goal.

She says, “I am living proof that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything you want, but sometimes you may need a little help and encouragement along the way. DHIC took a chance on me when no one would. I will forever be grateful to DHIC for helping me become self-sufficient and resilient.”

Even as a busy mom and grandmother, Katrina now serves as a board member at StepUp Ministry.  DHIC is proud to be a part of Katrina’s success and values the power of partnerships with organizations like StepUp Ministry.