Our wonderful staff here at DHIC makes everything we do possible. Please join us in congratulating Sharon Lorden, who has been here for two decades!

Sharon Lorden, 20 years

When Sharon initially joined DHIC in 2002, it was because she was looking for a change of pace. With a background in finance and accounting, Sharon had been working with corporate real estate/development firms when she felt a pull towards nonprofit work instead.

“I was looking for a role with a bigger purpose beyond pleasing shareholders. I wanted to do work that would ultimately serve the community. Working at DHIC seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so,” Sharon explains.

In her role as CFO / SVP, Finance & Administration, Sharon does a little bit of everything, which is just how she likes it. “On any given day, I’ll work on accounting and finance tasks, meet with the team to talk about new tech programs we can implement, or work on updating our HR policies. But, more than anything, my job is to support our other teams and think about the big picture so they can do the on-the-ground work that’s so important to our mission,” she says.

For Sharon, everything she does all comes back to the idea of helping people. She goes on to say, “Hands down, the best part about working here is the people. That includes the people I work with as well as the people we serve. It’s clear that everyone on our team truly has a passion for DHIC’s mission and that drive and willingness to go the extra mile leads to happy residents and clients.

“This is important and necessary work and I’m proud to be part of it. To be able to say that I’ve been with the company for 20 years and aided in its growth is humbling and it means the world to me.”