Our Homes, Our Voices

May 3, 2018

Investing in affordable housing produces long-term benefits, from increased employment and economic mobility to improved health and better education.

While advocates, resident leaders, and Congressional champions helped secure a 10% increase in funding for HUD programs for fiscal year 2018, additional resources are needed to fully address the need and restore funding to previous levels.

Federal investments in affordable housing still face significant budget threats. President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2019 budget request proposes drastic cuts to housing benefits that help millions of low income seniors, people with disabilities, families with children, veterans, and other vulnerable people afford their homes.

The recent increase in federal investments for affordable housing demonstrates the importance and power of advocacy. This victory is a critical step forward — but there is still much more to do. We must build on the momentum of this year’s funding victory to carry it into the next.

Congress must again hear from advocates with the message that we should not reduce our nation’s investments in affordable housing, but we should instead continue a bold and sustained commitment to ensure that everyone has a safe, accessible and affordable home.

Congress must reject any proposed cuts to housing benefits and should instead fully invest in affordable housing resources that help low-income families keep a roof over their heads.

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