Extraordinary opportunity with Washington Terrace, shows how it sits in middle of other opportunities, grocery store, and Boys & Girls Clubs. Coming away very excited for this project! –Paul Weech, CEO and President of NeighborWorks America.

A development like Washington Terrace is a large opportunity. It’s cheap to dream right now. DHIC should plan for the future. – Fred Dodson, President of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Project

On June 29-30, DHIC hosted a NeighborWorks Peer to Peer Visit. Over the course of those two days, DHIC facilitated a discussion regarding the upcoming Washington Terrace development among an incredible group of people. Among the list of attendees include NeighborWorks America CEO and President, Paul Weech, Larry Jarvis, the Director of Housing and Neighborhoods for the City of Raleigh, Jeanne Pinado, CEO of Madison Park Development Corporation and many more. Attendees came in all the way from California, Massachusetts, and Florida. In sum, DHIC was surrounded by smart, successful community leaders that provided keen insight into the future of Washington Terrace.

During those two days, attendees discussed design, finance and funding options, programs for residents, and development surrounding Washington Terrace. Attendees offered many ideas and had DHIC’s staff rethinking the Washington Terrace redevelopment!

You can find more on the Peer to Peer Visit here, written by Paul Weech.

The pictures below cap off an exciting two days!