It’s an exciting time here at DHIC! We are simultaneously energized and a bit overwhelmed by the work that lies ahead, but that is a good thing.

We began the year with new leadership on the board of directors as Mia Bailey and Betsy Rozakis assumed their roles as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.  We also welcomed five new directors who bring even more diverse perspectives that will help DHIC continue to lean into applying a racial equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to its work. This is work that we take seriously.

DHIC has previously refrained from issuing any formal statement or proclamation around racial equity or other social justice issues. However, both the staff and board of DHIC have actively been engaged in difficult conversations, education, training and establishing a framework that will ultimately lead to the creation of measurable steps that we will take to truly do our part to be a change agent.  We all know that change often takes longer than we would like, but DHIC is committed to putting in the time necessary to immerse racial equity, diversity and inclusion in its mission, vision and values.  We may not always talk about it publicly, but we are doing the work and will speak to it future communications.

In this edition of our newsletter, we want to bring special attention to a homeowner success story, and introduce our board leadership and new members.  We also have a new member of DHIC’s staff and another employee spotlight to share. As we end Black history month, we lift up the historical significance of Murphey School Apartments.

Lastly, we would like to ask you to share any suggestions that you might have for topics that you would like to hear about in future newsletters.