Q: How many young families do you anticipate serving with the redesign?

A: The first phase of Washington Terrace will provide 162 new apartments with a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units for low-income residents. Later phases will include more residential development for families.

Q: How long are residents allowed to stay?

A: Residents of Washington Terrace can stay indefinitely as long as they are in compliance with the terms of their leases.

Q: Can we have access to the surveys/information regarding community needs related to child care?

A: During the master planning civic engagement process, community feedback was collected through resident meetings and public input workshops where participants were invited to provide service ideas and rank priorities. We did not collect individual surveys. DHIC will hire a consultant to complete a child care market study later this year. When the market study is complete, we will make it available. The market survey will not be complete prior to May 13, 2016.

Q: Given that the area surrounding the Washington Terrace community is experiencing gentrification, how can we ensure that we will be able to fill the majority of child care slots with low income enrollees?

A: The operator is responsible for marketing and outreach to achieve enrollment, including the enrollment of low-income children. We anticipate that, due to the efforts of DHIC and the City of Raleigh to promote/build affordable housing, there will continue to be low-income families living in the area surrounding Washington Terrace.  The City will be assisting the redevelopment of E. College Park to the south and east of Washington Terrace, and there will be more affordable housing units constructed as part of City efforts to rebuild new homes on City-owned lots.  Please see the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) Plan developed by the City for more information about their efforts.

Also, the child care center will be well located on a major artery into downtown and Raleigh’s core for people traveling in for work opportunities.  City bus lines also serve Washington Terrace.

Q: Are there any other stipulations that will be added to the requirements that we should be thinking about/planning for now?

A: To the best of DHIC’s knowledge, there are no additional stipulations that will be added to the affordability requirements at this time.