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The DHIC Homeownership Center has worked alongside more than 700 Wake County residents to help them purchase their first home. We know from experience that preparation, planning and commitment are the keys to success.

For many, preparing to buy a home takes time and perseverance. In some cases, homeownership may not be the right choice yet. Whatever your starting point, we can walk you through all the steps of the homeownership process and help you make the choices and decisions that best fit within your means.

Here are some questions to think about before making a decision to move forward:

Do you understand your credit report?

A home mortgage lender will need to know that you have a history of paying your bills and debts on time. DHIC’s Homeownership Center can help you review and understand your credit report before you approach a lender.

Is your job steady and secure?

Most lenders require continuous employment for at least two years. If you are concerned about your job security or are planning to change jobs, our counselors can help you think through whether now is the right time to buy.

Do you have other major expenditures to make in the next few years?

A new car, a new baby, or college tuition can influence your ability to manage a house payment, utilities, and maintenance expenses. We can help you examine whether your anticipated expenses will affect your timing and price range.

Are you planning to stay in the area during the next five years?

Owning a home decreases your mobility, since, unlike a renter, you cannot simply give notice to the landlord and move. If you sell your home within the first five years, you may lose the money that you have invested in it. It makes sense to evaluate whether your employer, future job opportunities, and personal needs are likely to keep you in the area for at least the next five years.

Are you committed to preparing and following a budget?

Because homeowners must pay property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, utilities, and upkeep expenses, you can expect to pay more for housing costs when you buy a home than when you rent. Homeowners who are unprepared for these expenses risk losing the asset they worked so hard to obtain. A DHIC counselor can help you develop and stick to a household budget before you make the homeownership plunge.

Additional Resources

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Online Homebuyer Education

eHomeAmerican Homebuyer Counceling

DHIC’s Homeownership Center is partnering with eHome America to help more clients obtain Certified Homebuyer Education.

Whether it’s due to schedules or distance, often potential homeowners are unable to make it to DHIC for in-person counseling and workshops. Now you have a choice. Online access will enable you to learn about the process and become certified to obtain your first home. Register for online workshops.


Onsite Homebuyer Education

Our online courses do not replace in-person counseling. We want to help our clients achieve their homeownership goals in any way possible.  If you’re ready to take the next step, and you’d prefer to meet in person at DHIC’s Homeownership Center, we’re here for you. Contact Tiffany Wilkins to get started.

You can also see our Workshop schedule.