We’ve welcomed two new Resident Services Coordinators to DHIC and we’re excited for you to get to know them. Aaron Crouse and Brittany Liagoure joined our team in April and they have jumped right in, working hard to learn more about our properties, residents, and how to support them best. 

You can learn more about them below. Welcome to the team, Aaron and Brittany!

Aaron Crouse, Resident Services Coordinator 

In this role, Aaron works closely with local partners to expand resources for residents and support resident leadership development. He explains, “Our goal is to help our residents get involved and help them be agents in their communities while we support their ongoing needs through community partnerships with organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, Resources for Seniors, Durham Center for Senior Life, and area churches.”

With a background in theology and faith-based community work, Aaron has always been passionate about community engagement, figuring out what helps people feel like they belong in their communities and what it means to revitalize an area without displacing those who already live there.

“My previous roles led me to develop an interest in city planning and joining DHIC has been the perfect pivot for me as I tried to discern my next steps in my career. I’m excited to be working with developers and residents, helping to develop programs that give community members a sense of belonging,” Aaron says. 

Originally from the Southside of Chicago, Aaron says his upbringing also shaped his interest in city planning and ultimately led him down the path his career has taken. He explains, “I saw the geographical segregation within communities and the history of racism in housing and it shaped who I am and the difference I want to make in the work I do.” 

When he’s not working, you can find Aaron going for a run with his 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tank, dabbling in the art of mixology, attending church on Sundays, watching his favorite NBA teams, and reading Black history or theology books. 

Brittany Liagoure, Resident Services Coordinator

Another addition to the Resident Services team, Brittany joins DHIC with a background in nonprofit work over the last several years. She says, “Throughout college and after graduating from East Carolina University, I’ve been involved with residential nonprofit work. Community-based work and giving back has always been important to me and I’ve been able to work with community members of all ages in low-income areas over the years.”

After being in a previous Resident Services Coordinator position before joining DHIC, this role seemed like the perfect fit for the next stage in her career. 

“I love interacting with people, getting to know them, and meeting them where they’re at. Once you get to know someone and build a rapport with them, it’s easier for them to open up and share what they need to feel supported. In this role, I’ve already seen how active and vocal the residents are and it makes my work that much more enjoyable.”

Currently, Brittany is working at The Village at Washington Terrace, but eventually, she will transition to another property after conducting resident surveys to determine what type of support is most needed and where. “It all comes back to engaging with the residents and figuring out the best ways to serve them and support their needs,” she says. 

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys going for long walks on the weekends, cuddling with her kitten, Jax, and spending time with her wife, Tamika, and their kids, Bri and Amirah. The family loves bowling, swimming at the pool, and going to the beach.