DHIC is proud to be part of the more than 240 nonprofits in the NeighborWorks network, and once again we’re celebrating the organization’s nationwide NeighborWorks Week event. Held annually in the first week of June, this initiative is dedicated to celebrating and reinforcing community development and revitalization efforts. During the week, volunteers, residents, and community leaders collaborate on projects that improve the quality of life in neighborhoods across the country.

One of the core goals of NeighborWorks Week is to foster stronger community connections. By bringing together diverse groups of people to work towards common goals, the event helps create a sense of unity that is crucial for sustaining long-term community development efforts. Additionally, the event provides an opportunity to highlight the achievements of local NeighborWorks organizations and to raise awareness about the importance of affordable housing and community investment.

This year’s theme for the week is “Empowering Communities for Success” and will include activities like home repair and renovation projects for low-income families, beautification efforts such as cleaning up public spaces, and community-building events like educational workshops and block parties.

How We Empower the Community for Success Throughout the Year

During NeighborWorks Week and beyond, our goal is to create opportunities that enable community members to enhance the safety of their neighborhoods, secure stable housing, and achieve financial stability.

One of the ways that we support this is through our Homeownership Center. Last year, we proudly graduated 282 people from our “Bringing Home the Dream” homebuyer education workshops and assisted 76 families in purchasing their first home. We also constructed 232 new rental units, providing safe and affordable housing for seniors and families. In 2024, we are on track to complete an additional 583 units.

While we are excited to celebrate NeighborWorks Week from June 1-8, it also serves as a crucial reminder that our efforts are ongoing. We remain dedicated to empowering our communities not just during this special week, but throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Together, we can create lasting positive change and build stronger, more resilient neighborhoods.

Kicking Off NeighborWorks Week at Primavera Apartments

In honor of NeighborWorks Week, DHIC kicked off the week long celebration with lunch, bingo, lawn games and community at Primavera Apartments on June 1!

Primavera is DHIC’s newest senior community, providing 164 apartment homes for those ages 55+. This was a great opportunity for the new residents to meet their neighbors, DHIC staff, DHIC board members, Resources for Seniors staff and even some of the development partners!