As a proud part of the NeighborWorks network of more than 240 nonprofit organizations across the country, DHIC is excited to join in this year’s NeighborWorks week! The event celebrates the successes of communities and how NeighborWorks and residents work together to empower people to enhance their lives. 

Each year, during the first full week of June, NeighborWorks organizations engage tens of thousands of residents, neighbors, volunteers, businesspeople, and civic leaders to host events that celebrate NeighborWorks Week. 

The weeklong observance allows for communities across the nation to engage in conversations and build awareness about the importance of having safe, vibrant, healthy neighborhoods to live in; acknowledge the contributions of residents, volunteers, and community partners; and celebrate neighborhoods and communities. 

How We Empower Our Community

Here at DHIC, we know that empowering people to take action to achieve their goals leads to thriving, healthier communities. To do this, we provide opportunities that make it easier for local residents to make their communities safer, find and maintain secure housing, and ensure financial stability. 

Another way we help empower our community is through the DHIC Homeownership Center. In 2021, we proudly graduated 296 clients from the Bringing Home the Dream homebuyer workshop and assisted 74 families in purchasing their first home. DHIC also constructed and preserved a total of 448 rental units, providing safe, affordable homes to over 400 individuals in 2021. Additionally, we are on track to complete another 232 units in 2022. 

While we’re thrilled to be celebrating NeighborWorks Week, it also serves as an important reminder that this work never stops. We look forward to continuing to empower our community throughout the rest of the year and beyond.