Brookridge Apartments, one of DHIC’s two supportive housing communities, is home to 41 individuals who have some barrier to housing and who are in the process of rebuilding their lives.

At both supportive housing communities, Wake County Human Services assists residents in navigating essential services and community resources that promote resident success.

One way that resident success is achieved is through health literacy and learning about ways to influence desired health outcomes that can both save money and lives.

As part of Wake County’s Health Promotion Chronic Disease Prevention efforts, DHIC and Wake County partnered to educate residents and to help them identify ways to modify lifestyles and behaviors to promote healthy living.

The initiative kicked off with a Health Fair, which more than 20 residents attended and received information from medical professionals related to prevention of chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. Residents also had the opportunity to receive blood glucose and blood pressure screenings.

DHIC has agreed to include healthy food options at community meetings; post health related tips and information; offer healthy snack options in vending machine and assist residents with establishing and maintaining a Health and Wellness Committee.

“We look forward to tracking the outcomes of this partnership and learning more about ways in which housing and health intersect,” said Yvette Holmes, VP of Resource Development and Partnerships.

To learn more about Wake County’s Health Promotion Chronic Disease Prevention clinics, click here.