Here at DHIC, part of our mission is to help those in our community make their dream of homeownership a reality. One of the ways that we do this is through our Homeownership Center. Each month, we offer the Bringing Home the Dream workshop for first-time homebuyers.

The course is more than just a class; it’s an opportunity to get the information you need and to help set you up for success every step of the way on your homebuying journey. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering attending in the future.

Who Can Attend?

The workshop is open to anyone who wants knowledge about the homebuying process. You do not need to be a current resident at a DHIC property to attend. Everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate of completion.

If you’re applying for downpayment assistance through the City of Raleigh, Wake County, the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, or similar organizations, completion of a homebuyer workshop provided by a HUD-approved organization will be required. You can use your certificate of completion from DHIC to meet that requirement.

How Often Is the Course Available?

We hold the workshop once per month, over two consecutive Saturdays from 8:30am – 12:30pm. You can see the full schedule for the year and register for the next course by clicking this link.

También ofrecemos el curso en español, según demanda. El próximo curso de español será el 14 y 21 de mayo, así que inscríbete hoy si estás interesado en asistir.

We also offer the course in Spanish, based on demand. The next Spanish-language course will be on May 14 and 21, so sign up today if you’re interested in attending.

How Much Does the Workshop Cost?

Our virtual class is free of charge, but if you’d like to purchase an optional book to supplement what you learn in the class, you can do so for a $20 fee per household. You’ll have the option to buy the book when you register for the workshop.

If you’d prefer to take the course at your own pace instead, we have an option available for that too! You can sign up for the eHome America Homebuyer Education Course for $99 and go through the material on your own time.

What Do I Get Out of Attending?

Aside from the certificate of completion, you’ll also get in-depth information about credit, budgeting, the loan process, how to find a home, working with a real estate agent, insurance, home inspections and more to help you better prepare for every aspect of buying a home. The course is taught by local industry professionals as well as DHIC team members to give you a well-rounded view of how to prepare to buy your first home.

By completing this workshop, you’ll be joining the ranks of hundreds of past participants. Over the past two years alone, 566 households have attended the workshop with 185 of them buying their first home after doing so. Yours could be the next home buying success story!

To sign up for our upcoming workshop, click here. If you have additional questions, please contact Tiffany Wilkins at (919) 832-3696 or via email at