(pictured above: interior of clubhouse at Water Garden Village – a DHIC community in NW Raleigh)

By Chauncey Eaton, CAM

The reputation that has followed affordable housing extends far beyond the quality or nature of residents who reside within the community. There has long been an accepted misinterpretation that affordable housing communities are “less than” that of market-rate properties.

A home should be the one place a person considers a safe and protected shelter whether as an individual or family. During the past several years, the apartment housing industry has seen the affordable housing product far exceed what has been offered in years past. Working for Drucker & Falk—a company with 79 years of proven success that specializes in award-winning property management—I’ve had the opportunity to experience very diverse portfolios. Gaining knowledge working with market-rate properties, and subsidized properties as well as tax-credit properties, I can confirm that communities that are considered affordable housing must comply with the same building restrictions and project standards as those that are considered market rate.

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