Here at DHIC, we have a goal beyond just providing quality and affordable housing for residents. We also want to help them build wealth so they can take other important steps in life, like realizing the dream of homeownership. 

One of our former Lennox Chase residents, Bryon, shares his story about how DHIC helped him along in his journey to becoming a first-time homeowner. 

In 2018, I was staying in the Wilmington homeless shelter, participating in their work program. Once I got my first job at Popeye’s I was able to start saving up my paychecks so I could move into my own place. Around that time, the manager of the shelter, a man named Frank, referred me to Lennox Chase. 

Thanks to that referral, I reached out to the manager of the community, Amanda, and officially submitted my application. When it got approved, it was such a wonderful feeling. It was my first time renting a place on my own and it felt like I’d been given a second chance. 

Shortly after that, I started a new job at Biscuitville and got engaged to my now wife, Yolanda. After we got married in 2019, we started to talk about the benefits of buying over renting and thinking more seriously about pursuing homeownership. Yolanda’s coworker put us in touch with a mortgage lender and thanks to living in DHIC’s affordable community, I was able to save up and get everything in order so we could start looking for houses. 

In February 2021, we began working with a real estate agent and by March we had put a down payment on a house in a new development. While we had to wait a little longer than normal to move in due to supply and material shortages, we finally closed on our new home in November. 

God is the center of our lives and even during the difficult times on this journey, we leaned on Him to guide us as we stuck to our plan. I truly thank God for DHIC and everyone else who helped us get to where we are now. We feel so blessed to be homeowners. 

– –

We’re proud of Bryon and honored to have been a small part of his journey. 

While affordable housing real estate development is a big part of what we do, it’s just as important for us to be able to provide our communities and our residents with knowledge and education on homeownership. 

Learn more about our Homeownership Center which prepares Wake County homeowners for the journey to homeownership here.