Green Chair Project Partnership

Washington Terrace resident, Sherina D., at her shopping appointment with Green Chair.

Many Washington Terrace residents have been able to furnish their new homes for an affordable price, thanks to our recent partnership with The Green Chair Project.

The nonprofit, located in Raleigh, reuses donated household furnishings to provide the comforts of home to residents from area programs who are recovering after homelessness, crisis, or disaster.

In December 2018, Family Services Coordinator, Detrick Clark, and Community Services Coordinator, LaTonya Mckoy, went through The Green Chair Project’s training program so we could begin offering their services to our Washington Terrace residents.

Says Detrick, “Now that we’ve completed their training program, we’re able to refer Washington Terrace residents to The Green Chair Project and coordinate a time for them to pick out furnishings and other essentials for their new home.”

The Green Chair Project offers packages ranging from $100 to $300, with the idea that the $100 package can furnish a one-bedroom apartment, the $200 package can furnish a two-bedroom apartment, and the $300 package can furnish a three-bedroom apartment. Once residents are approved for The Green Chair Project’s services, residents are assigned a shopping date when they get to pick out the items for their new home.

“The residents get a private appointment to go look through The Green Chair Project’s showroom, picking out everything from lamps and couches to paintings, bed linens, and small appliances like coffee pots and crock pots. And on top of that, The Green Chair Project provides free beds for any kid, from kindergarten through 18-year-olds,” Detrick explains.

While most of the home furnishings are gently used, all of the mattresses and box springs provided to residents are brand new.

Jackie Craig, Green Chair Executive Director, says, “We have enjoyed partnering with DHIC for their Washington Terrace residents. Each resident has had a shopping experience in our furniture showroom that has allowed them to choose furnishings and accessories in colors and designs that reflect their own style. It is easy to see the pride and dignity they feel in being able to transform their new space into their own home.”

Additionally, The Green Chair Project has partnered with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to provide every family they serve with a box of dry goods. Residents are also able to pick out a welcome basket to take home with them that includes essentials like toiletries.

“Out of our roughly 90 Washington Terrace residents, about 65 have shown an interest in working with The Green Chair Project. We try to schedule their shopping day as they’re moving in so they can have their items delivered as quickly as possible,” says Detrick.

At DHIC, we believe that helping our residents find affordable housing options is just the first step. Providing resident services to them, like onsite childcare, and partnering with nonprofits like The Green Chair Project helps to set them up for success after they’ve moved in.

Detrick explains, “In other circumstances, residents might turn to a furniture rental center for items like these, but by working with The Green Chair Project, they’re able to furnish their home with essentials and use the money they would be spending on rentals to cover other costs like rent, utilities, and prescriptions.”

Finally, there’s a heightened sense of community among Washington Terrace residents, and The Green Chair Project has contributed to that.

Detrick says, “We’ve had situations where a resident wasn’t able to come to her shopping appointment on her own, so one of her neighbors volunteered to bring her to pick out her furniture. We also had the opportunity to raffle off all of the items in a staged showroom to one of our residents. The families have been so appreciative of this service and we are thankful to The Green Chair Project for making it all possible.”

If you’d like to learn more about The Green Chair Project and how to donate items for their showroom, please visit their website.